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Life News

"Life Plus would like to provide an assurance that every effort was made to ensure the health and safety of Ben Clifford prior to the removal of staff from his home and that every step was taken to ensure his continuity of care.

An ambulance was organised and the local hospital notified of Ben’s pending admission. Unfortunately when the ambulance arrived at the property, Ben and his mother refused the assistance to go to hospital.

Ensuring the safety of staff was also very important in this situation. As a responsible employer and provider of homecare, Life Plus took the necessary steps to ensure that staff were also kept safe.

We appreciate this is a very unsettling time for everyone concerned however further comment cannot be made regarding the Ben Clifford story as this is part of an ongoing Police Investigation."

Careerforce NZQA Level 2 and Level 3 Graduation

Left to right: Bea Hugill,Susan Ashby (Level 2),Georgina Haunui (Level 3), Rupinder Sidhu (Level 2), Dawn Killen (Level 3) 
Tracey Baber (Level 2), Alison Marsh  Not present: Maggie Areias (Level 2), Roslyn Yates (Level 3)
If you too would like to gain your Level 2 or Level 3 NZQA contact your co-ordinator now on 09 354 3202.
Healthcare Recruitment Open Day – Wednesday 16th September 2015
Calling all Healthcare Professionals, we have casual, temp and permanent positions with healthcare organisations across Auckland and New Zealand.
If you are a:
•In Management in the Health Sector
•A Registered Health Professional (RN, EN, OT, Physio, Social Worker etc)
•Community Mental Health Support Workers
•Healthcare Assistants
•Home Caregivers and Support Workers
Come and register with our Temp Agency or book a chat (in confidence) with one of our Permanent Recruitment Consultants and let us do the hard work for you. Whilst you’re here, we call give you pointers on improving your CV and you can even book some interview coaching. Register Now by sending your CV to with "Open Day" as your subject header
9.30am – 4pm
Wednesday 16th September 2015
Ground Level, 81 New North Road
Eden Terrace, Auckland



ACC has introduced new rules for claiming mileage we will be introducing these rules as of next pay run (week 3 – 9 Aug 2015 paid on 13th Aug 2015).
1.We will no longer be using a mileage form – mileage is to be put on your timesheet (under notes/mileage column) and worked out per client, per day. (Attached is the new timesheet form).
2.20kms will no longer be deducted – you are to put the total mileage on the client’s timesheet.
3.Mileage that exceeds 20km will be paid in full at 50cents per KM.
4.The first client of the day is to be calculated from whichever is closest the office (81 New North Rd) or your home.
5.If you are going from Client A to Client B you will calculate mileage from client A’s house (not from your home/ office).
6.Any in between travel that is not work related (from 1 client to the next) is not claimable.
7.The last client of the day will include your end trip (the mileage from whichever is closest the office or your home).
8.You must sign the worked declaration at the bottom of the timesheet, if this is not signed we will not be paying any mileage 
9.Mileage cannot be back paid.
10.Any travel that is within a clients care plan will need to be broken down e.g shopping, doctor’s appointments etc, this is additional mileage and needs to be approved by the consultant (Use the notes section at the bottom of the timesheet to break it down).

Internal audits will be carried out regularly to ensure you are not over claiming, if we discover that you are falsifying your mileage you will not be paid your mileage as this is a criminal offence and may lead to legal action being taken against you.

Please note that this is only for ACC clients, mileage will not be paid for Hospitals and Enliven clients (unless agreed by the consultant).


Life Plus HCHA Conference Dinner Sponsor - Come see us at Stand 20
Freephone: 0508 LIFENZ for 09 354 3202

NOTIFICATION : November 2014

Due to the planned demolition/conversion of our office building to be turned into apartments, we have been given notice the move premises.  As such on the 15th December 2015 we are moving offices to the following address:

Ground Floor, 81 New North Road, Eden Terrace

Please Note: that our PO BOX Address and Contact telephone numbers will remain the same. 


The winners of the National Caregivers Competition were:

1st Place - Nina Liu

2nd Place - Samantha Purea

3rd Place - Natalie Hall

Well done to all who entered!!!

NOTIFICATION : April 2014:

Life Plus are Moving offices - as of the 2nd May 2014 Life Plus will be situated at:

Level 11, 44 Khyber Pass Road (Outsource IT Tower)

Grafton, Auckland 1023

All Email addresses and contact telephone numbers remain the same!

NOTIFICATION : March 2014:

Life Plus has updated the "Terms of Engagement of Temporary Workers", changes made and it now reads as follows:

5.2If the Temporary Worker is unable for any reason to attend work during the course of an Assignment, he/she should inform Life Plus as soon as they determine they are unfit to work, but no later than (2) hours of the commence of the Assignment or Shift.

6.2.1The Temporary Worker shall return signed time sheets to Life Plus by 5pm on each Monday.  Failure to submit a time sheet by the nominated time and correctly specifying the hours worked may delay payment for those hours.

8.4In the course of any Assignment during the first leave year the Temporary Worker is entitled to request leave at a rate of One-Twelfth of his/her total holiday entitlement in each month of the leave year.  Where the Temporary Worker wishes to take any leave which he/she is entitled, he/she should notify Life Plus in writing of the dates of his intended absence.  The Temporary Worker is required to give written notice of at least (10) ten business days that he/she wishes to take holidays.

11.1.2The Temporary Worker may terminate an assignment at any time with no  less than 2 hours notice and may terminate this agreement at any time with no less than ten (10) business days notice.

For an updated copy of your "Terms of Engagement of Temporary Workers" please contact your Life Plus Coordinator on 09 354 3202 / Free Phone 0508 543369 who will happily post one out to you.

NOTIFICATION : February 2014:

Life Plus has updated its staff handbook, particular changes include: updated Complaints Management process, Updated Shopping for a client procedure and forms and further information around the clients Code of Rights.  For an updated Hard Copy of the Staff Handbook please contact your Life Plus Coordinator  on 09 354 3202 / Free Phone 0508 543369 who will happily post one out to you.